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About Cafe Marquez

Cafe Marquez is a locally-owned and operated coffee roastery located in Las Vegas, NV. Cafe Marquez is a major part of a brand new coffee culture taking root in the Las Vegas area. Since 1998, our local shop has been creating a coffee community. We started in Honduras, and then quickly expanded throughout Central America. That was when owner Garcia decided to launch his company right from his own home. Contact us today to know more about our product.
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The Work Is Ours, the Happiness Is Yours

Cafe Marquez is your new destination for great coffee experience. Enjoy it in the morning to start your day, or in the afternoon when you want to slow down and feel proud about another day done right.

Honduras has been quickly gaining a strong reputation for producing great coffee. The plantations located at high elevations make coffee infused with the light tastes of molasses and caramel.
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A Reputation for Fantastic Coffee

Coffee farmers in Honduras know that when you grow your coffee in the shade of banana trees, you can maximize the flavor while supporting sustainable farming.

Coffee from Honduras is well known for a lighter-bodied roast. It is why you'll get a great cup any time of the day, any season of the year. Everyone loves a hot cup of coffee on winter mornings. You can also try a glass over ice as a refreshing summer drink.
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